What can you do to help?

Friends of Butare is a 501.c.3 organization, a not-for-profit recognized by the IRS.

1. DONATE with a credit card or write a check! Please make the check out to Friends of Butare. We will mail you a receipt.  Your donation will go towards finishing the library, building a food preparation area for students, and sponsoring disadvantaged students to continue their primary and secondary education.

2. Investigate the “ONE” project
( which promises to
eliminate poverty within 10 years by educating every child
in the world.

3. Share your fund-raising ideas with us! You could do a small fundraiser involving your school, church, or community. Every dollar donated to Friends of Butare will go towards the school and students at Butare Catholique, as we are completely staffed by volunteers.

Please Contact Us: 

Beata Umugwangwali


15 Wilbrod Street Dover, NH 03820