Project 2010

In 2010 Friends of Butare joined forces with Rotary International,
District 5000 (State of Hawaii) to develop a source of clean water
to the school. The local Rotary Club sponsored the project and retained
the services of Vincent Semuhungu to install five (5) 10,000 litre
cisterns on foundations built with locally made bricks and local stones
by local stonemasons. The cisterns receive water gathered from the new
metal roofs installed in prior years by Vincent Semuhungu with help
from Friends of Butare and Brian Anderson via new gutters and downspouts.
The additional water allows the school to maintain a cow which produces
sufficient milk for grades 0-3, to provide irrigation for fruits and
vegetables grown on campus, and to irrigate a new green quadrangle.
Treasurer McIntosh made two trips to Rwanda in connection with the
matching grant – to meet with the local Rotary Club and to oversee the
installation of the cisterns.