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Each year we are committed to repair a part of the Catholic Primary School of Butare

Project 2014.- We had a very successful trip with 5 volunteers visiting Butare and Kigali from July 14-28th. We raised enough money to build a library and will be raising more funds to fill the space with books, shelves, and desks. The volunteers visited Butare Catholique, met with students and teachers, and brought donations of books and school supplies. Please click the link above for more details.

Project 2012.- A group of 2 volunteers accompanied President Beata Umugwangwali to oversee
the installation of 20 computers in a computer lab. The computers were donated by Wentworth/Douglass
Hospital in Dover, NH in 2011, reformatted by Beata’s brother, Fidele (who oversees the network for the hospital).
To cut shipping costs, they were sent to Rwanda in luggage of friends of the “family” of Friends of Butare. A contribution of $1500/volunteer
covered ground costs. Some sightseeing was included

Project 2010.- In 2010 Friends of Butare joined forces with Rotary International,
District 5000 (State of Hawaii) to develop a source of clean water to the school.
The local Rotary Club sponsored the project and retained the services of Vincent Semuhungu
to install five (5) 10,000 liter cisterns on foundations built with locally made bricks and
local stones by local stonemasons. The cisterns receive water gathered from the new metal roofs
installed in prior years by Vincent Semuhungu with help from Friends of Butare and Brian Anderson via
new gutters and downspouts. The additional water allows the school to maintain a cow which produces
sufficient milk for grades 0-3, to provide irrigation for fruits and vegetables grown on campus,
and to irrigate a new green quadrangle. Treasurer McIntosh made two trips to Rwanda in connection with the
matching grant – to meet with the local Rotary Club and to oversee the installation of the cisterns..

Project 2008.-

In 2008 a new roof was installed on a 6-classroom (plus principal’s offices) building and
a 2-classroom building was converted into a multi-purpose room. The interior of both buildings was
resurfaced (walls and floor), a drop ceiling was installed. The exterior of the 6-classroom building was
sanded, and a locked room was added to the multipurpose room for storage of equipment. A laptop computer,
a battery powered projector, and a copy of the Rosetta Stone for English I,II,III was donated. With a few months,
English was determined to be the new official second language of the country.

Project 2007.- In 2007 we did repair a six classroom building.
We did change roof, doors, windows, painting and bought new desks and we also built a new latrine